The Weird Bodybuilding Diet - The Amazing Truth About What Bodybuilders Really Eat!

Published: 21st December 2009
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A video clip is circulating the internet. One of the top bodybuilders in the world takes you on a trip thru his kitchen. And unlike past such tours by other athletes - where they gloat about their absolutely clean eating habits - this bodybuilder spills the beans on what bodybuilder truly eat.

Chicken. Fish. Steak. Rice. Beans. Pasta.

Those are the bodybuilding staples that we expect to see in the kitchen of a top athlete, and he has them. However , next he breaks down the other foods he eats every day to reach the 5000 to 6000 calories he consumes in order to maintain his raised levels of muscle mass.

Raisins. Peanuts. Waffles. Cookies. Ice cream. Even candy.

He eats fast food. He chews on chocolate chip granola bars. He likes potato chips.

While it may be hard to defend such a diet vis long-term health effects, this diet certainly does meet the wants for weightlifting success. This body-builder consumes 50 grams of protein at every of eight daily meals, giving him 400 grams or protein and 1600 calories from protein source, which is plenty. What's left of his food sources contains the required fats and carbs to round out the 5000 to 6000 calorie daily requirement, in both clean and non-clean sources.

How does he get away with this? First of all, he's a top muscle builder weighing over three hundred pounds. His body carries a lot of muscle, and muscle burns a great deal of calories. Second, he has an anabolic advantage. The compounds he uses give his body the ability to burn just about anything he consumes. Even ECA or Clenbuterol provide enough edge so that one can consume fat and gain muscle while eating virtually anything. 3rd, the hours of weight lifting and cardiovascular this athlete endures every week should be taken into account. Ultimately, his unique rate of metabolism can't be discounted.

Additionally, there's a complete 'nother widely accepted idea which says that barring basic body requirement, a calorie is a calorie is a calorie. This is still widely disputed and has apparent restrictions ( everyone knows that one thousand calories of marshmallows cannot be as good as 1000 calories of steak, right? ) but it is's a fascinating point of view.

Consuming 5000 to 6000 calories every day would lead many of us to certain obesity. However , this sportsman provides evidence that some'junk' food is satisfactory and handy in a bodybuilding diet plan, provided other factors are in place.

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